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About Surfing Magazine

SURFING. The word says it all. It’s active. Moving forward. Fluid but aggressive, artistic but athletic. The international symbol for freedom and eternal youth. And for more than 40 years, only one magazine keeps this idea in motion: SURFING. In the late ’60s, SURFING planted the first seeds of counter-cultural revolution with its innovative, mind expanding design. The results of this editorial mission are two-fold. Not only does it drive the new generation to come up with the next big thing, it inspires the rest of us to paddle out and push our own boundaries. Above all else, SURFING makes us want to go surfing.

  • Progression in all things – Surfing is focused on the cutting edge aspects of the sport
  • The leader in coverage of high performance surfing and professional surfing
  • Designed and written to make surfers want to get in the water more often