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Bike offers an authentic, authoritative and inspired experience that has attracted loyal readers and dedicated riders for more than 15 years. Our mission is simple: To inspire mountain bikers to get out and ride. Through the highest-quality journalism, unforgettable photography and compelling storytelling we cover emerging trends and the latest gear. We introduce our readers to the world’s greatest mountain biking destinations and tackle the toughest issues affecting our sports.

For more than 15 years Bike has worked tirelessly to develop an audience that is as passionate about riding as we are. Our readers savor every story and collect every issue. They trust what we say and value our opinion. But most importantly, they ride. They know what it’s like to cramp at the summit of a long climb, or clean a rock garden for the first time. They have felt the euphoria of spending a week in the woods doing nothing but riding their bike. And they know they can find those experiences on every single page of Bike.

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